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AR increases engagement and interaction and provides a richer user experience. Research has shown that AR increases the perceived value of products and brands. Well implemented AR activity conveys innovation and responsiveness from forward-thinking brands.

If you think AR isn't the right fit for a certain brief, you may be wrong. AR can be used for almost any marketing campaign. I've seen AR used for product launches, store launches, festive seasons, social activism, political activism, to drive sales, engagement, lead generation, pique interest and much more.Smartphones are able to support AR almost effortlessly now. Approximately 2.8 billion phones globally have the ability to launch Social AR experiences. Instagram and Snapchat's usage is only rising and AR has become an integral part of these apps. These numbers will only rise and smartphones are only getting more powerful to support Augmented Reality. Over the next few months and years the capabilities of AR will only increase. There's no better time to start planning and thinking about how augmented reality should become an integral part of your marketing and communications strategy than now.

Planning the Effect

Augmented Reality Effects can be quite different from each other, and that also includes their goals. Thinking about the objective from the beginning is essential to be able to develop a well-founded concept that will achieve the desired result. Now that I know your goals, whether they are getting more impressions, increasing your brand awareness or even promoting a new product, at this stage we are able to develop a concept that matches your objectives.

Working Together

In this phase, we develop the AR Effect accordingly to the concept, then it's ready to be submitted to the platform. All Effects needs to be moderated by Facebook and Snapchat, through Spark AR Hub and My Lenses, respectively. The submission is entirely done by us, and as we do all the effects strictly following the rules and terms of the platforms, it doesn't take long for the effect to be approved.

Collect your results

Even if brand awareness and value is not measurable, at this stage we were able to verify the return in numbers caused by the Effect. In Spark AR Hub/My Lenses, you can see elements such as times the Effect was opened, used, etc.


AR Effects


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